Hi, I am Hammad Kakli, an Amazon Enthusiast.

Amazon Account Manager || PPC Expert || PL Wholesale Dropshipping Expert || Amazon Evangelist Consultant and Trainer.

Experienced Professional Freelancer with a demonstrated history of working in the E-Commerce/internet industry.



Wholesale FBA

The main objective of this course is to learn how to sell other brands on amazon. You can learn how to find the distributors and how to get reseller certificates and authority letters. How to hunt the Wholesale products according to different pricing techniques, Profit calculation.

Amazon Private Label

The main objective of this course is to learn how to create your own brand on Amazon. Amazon account opening. How to register your brand on Amazon, how to hunt source and launch your products. How to check patents. Register trademark, Promotional techniques. How to use different tools. How to find supplier using tools.


The main objective of this course is learning how to find retailers in specific market, how to hunt dropship products, how to find dead listings and make them alive. What are the policies of drop shipping on Amazon? How to use different tools. How to manage orders shipments and to learn how to handle customer support.

Virtual Assistant

This course is for those who are students or freelancers who have not any investment but they have passion to learn new skills and provide services to their clients. In this course you can learn about how manage seller central account and how to rank your Client’s product from scratch and build an empire. You will learn which services a virtual assistant can provide.

Online Arbitrage

The main objective to learn this course is to find and buy a product online for a lower price and sell it at a higher rate. This model is easy, and you can do it from home. You can find popular products from any online retailer marketplaces and sell them on Amazon or Walmart.